HOUNDSPACE; your go to subscription box for human and hound. So, why the focus on you? Why not just another subscription box dedicated to bringing you products for your dog? Because we aren't just about trying products and consuming things, we are more than that, we're about experiencing and being in the moment. We are advocates of using the gifts in your box as a prompt to create a space for yourself or to shape an experience with your beloveds. We are about growing a tribe of humans who recognise how valuable and powerful the bond we have with our dogs can be; for human and hound.


I curated this, this houndspace, in my mind so many times whilst out on walks through the countryside with my dogs. Of course then it wasn't called 'houndspace' it was this abstract dream that I had of bringing people together to recognise that our dogs have so many lessons to teach us about slowing down, living in the moment and enjoying lives simple pleasures. My dogs over the years have at so many points got me out in nature, forced me to maintain a routine when it was needed or have plonked their fluffy heads on my lap at a point when I was just about get up  to do something and instead I've been forced to sit back, take a moment and relax for fear of disturbing them. And that's what Houndspace is, it's a prompt to remember to enjoy, walk, be in nature, create cosy nooks and treat yourself - and of course your four legged friends. 

In Septembers Houndspace we're focused on our first mindfulness activity; seeking your centered breath. I guess the best way of explaining how it feels to find the breath is that you'll get this overwhelming feeling of balance. With both feet firmly planted on the ground, your jaw relaxed, shoulders dropped and hands open you should feel the weight of your body perfectly balanced from head to toe - it's amazing trust me!

We've all got breathing nailed, right? Well, to a certain extent we obviously do, but our every day breaths tend to be short and frequent - stopping at the diaphragm or shoulders. I'm talking about some really hearty, deep breaths that reach the pit of your tummy and really fill your mind and body with oxygen. It's amazing how powerful these are, how invigorating they can be and how positive they are for our mindset. What better place to practice than on a dog walk? You're doing it anyway right? Taking the time out - why not make that time an opportunity to focus on your breathing. 

Depending on the environment you are walking in and how much constant focus your dog needs from you you'll need to decided whether to practice the exercise with your dog on or off the lead. I walk in open fields which I feel confident are safe, so whilst I can always see my dogs exploring, I prefer to focus on my breathing when they are off-lead. I'll leave that one to you. 

So, here it is, our exercise for you - enjoy. Love, Gem x


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