Connecting with yourself improves your connection with those around you!

For the whole day try and bring your awareness to your posture. Whether you are sitting with your beloved companion, lying down or standing, just bring all of your attention to your body.
Focusing on your body will have an immediate grounding effect and restores our mindfulness. The goal is to be aware of the sensations that your body is feeling right at that moment.
If you’re indoors, draw your attention to the chair you are sitting on or the floor beneath your feet. If you’re outdoors isolate the feeling of the wind against your face and skin, and how you are standing. Simply take the time to scan your body and notice whatever sensations are present.
You only have to do this for a minute or two, the aim is to try and remember to observe your posture and its sensations as often as you can throughout the day.


There is greatness in simplicity

The little things are not that little.