Halloween often means an excess of multi coloured sweets (Skittles/Smarties/M&M’s…) or homemade treats with coloured toppers, if thats the case, when you have the chance for a little alone time, here is something good to do whilst you enjoy them:

For every RED one say out loud the people who you love and make you happy, describe their characteristics that make you smile.

For every BLUE one say out loud the name of a place or time of the year or day which makes you excited, describe why it’s so special to you, feel the anticipation and joy.

For every GREEN one describe out loud the heart of your home, what makes it so welcoming and a ‘home’.

For every YELLOW one describe out loud one good choice you made today – and acknowledge your strength

For every ORANGE one say out loud one thing you regret – and let it go, regret only takes up space, free your mind.

For every BROWN – if you’re sat with your beloved companion, this one means belly rubs and a sip of your tea/hot chocolate/latte, if you’re own your own, same as above less the belly rubs, instead write a name of someone you haven’t spoken to for a while and commit to getting back in touch.


Hygge Halloween

Hygge & Hound; Treat or Treat