Every day this week when you are out walking with your beloved companion focus on the following: 

1. As you start your walk observe the physical sensation of walking. Notice the rise and fall of your foot, the movement in your legs and body. The breeze against your face. Don’t worry if your mind wanders, just gently refocus back to the observation of this simple physical activity.
2. As your walk progresses, gradually allow your awareness to expand to your surroundings. Absorb the sights, sounds and scent of the things that engage you and your beloved companion, what is exciting them, where do they go to sniff, what has got their attention, how far away do they get before they look for you? They are enjoying being out on this walk with you. 
3. As your walk nears it’s end, return your attention to the physical sensations in your legs an body as they move. At the end, slow to a halt, and experience standing still for a moment savouring all that is you, your beloved companion and your environment.

This practice is a wonderful way to appreciate your body and your natural surroundings, and is an effective stress reliever.