Most adults require on average 8 hours of sleep each night to recover fully and perform at their best, our beloved companions will sleep up to 6 hours more than this if you include their ‘dog’ naps.  As we often go through our days at 100mph, it’s easy to neglect sleep.  This week, make bedtime your priority each evening.  

Follow the steps below to help ease yourself into sleep.

  1. Sign off from your “jobs”, clean your teeth, get in to your pyjamas – if you need 8 hours to be at your optimum, make sure you make sure you set aside 8 hours. If this means missing your favourite TV show, then record it, or delay that email that really can wait until morning.

  2. Before getting into bed, lie on the floor and stretch.  Try to tense every muscle in your body and hold for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat 3 times then move your focus to your breathing.

  3. Take deep breaths, breathe, so your exhale is twice as long as your inhale (ie inhale for 2 seconds, exhale for 4) Do this for a couple of minutes – a natural breathing rate will take over.

  4. Pick yourself up and get into bed.

By this point it’s almost certain your beloved companion is blissfully snoring, either curled up in a ball of fluff with nose tucked into paws, or out-stretched without a care in the world. 

 Don’t worry if you do not go to sleep immediately.  Just relax. You are still resting and recovering, and sleep will come soon enough.  

Good Night!

mas sleep.jpg

Let sleeping dogs lie

Barking whilst asleep doesn’t always mean a bad dream for your beloved companion, don’t forget thats how they communicate, they may be making new friends.