Sit (or lie down) and imagine yourself melting into everything around you (a bit like your hound does when he rests on you!). Relax your eyelids, allowing your gaze to soften. Breathe deeply, inhaling through the nose and then exhaling through pursed lips, turn your attention to first your feet, with each out breath feel them relax and melting further into whatever they are resting on, when you are ready move up your body, until you are completely relaxed. Remember there is nothing for youth do, just relax and recharge. After a bit of practice you will start to feel at one with everything around you.

Try this a few times as it takes a little time to master, try and clear your mind while trying this practice and just purely relax and melt away.

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Classical Music proven to calm our four-legged friends

…also so has Reggae and Soft Rock, time to make a favourite playlist for your beloved companion.