Let go of control and embrace, enjoy, and appreciate the present.

Christmas is meant to be full of festivities, joy, and sharing. It’s a time to relax, unwind, and surround yourself in the things and people you love. It comes from a place of love to want the perfect Christmas for those around you, but if we are constantly trying to control everything, we will will miss out on what is the real Christmas ‘present’.

Very few things are in our control, and our idea of what the perfect Christmas looks like, may not be what your family view as theirs. We want the best for them, but if you put so much pressure on yourself to make it just right, you risk not being involved in what really makes Christmas special.

Little things mean the most, and memories will be made from moments not things.

Our beloved companions must wonder what’s going on over Christmas time, a sparkly tree is now in the house, ornaments and presents they are not allowed to touch, and they have never smelt so much cinnamon & spiced apple.
A relaxed dog would be lovely, but they wont be unless you are, and the same for those around you.

Christmas seems to be a time of intensified emotions, we all have our own stories and backgrounds, and sadly for some it’s a struggle. Keep an open heart, be giving, and be understanding, and in doing so give the real ‘present’ this Christmas.