Slowing down has many benefits, brings your attention to what and how you are eating, you’ll be more aware of colours, tastes, smells, textures, your physical feeling of fullness, you will savour your food rather than wolfing it down.

Time constraints may make slowing down your meals a challenge, but even by a notch it will benefit you.

It’s correct it takes 20 minutes for your body to register fullness, to help slow you down try these tips:

1. Eating at a table

2. Dim the lights, and have candles around you, this increases the feeling of calmness and enjoyment

3. Putting down your knife and fork between bites

4. Chewing food thoroughly

5. Pausing between mouthfuls by talking to those you are sharing a meal with or just savouring each bite.

6. Remove distractions, stop working or watching TV

7. Have a drink of water with your meal

8. Eat with other slow eaters

9. Play relaxing music

10. Don’t eat when you are starving hungry

It takes practise but just like your beloved companion, it is good for you.


Here’s the little food hoover