Have you noticed how little your dog holds a grudge, you may be out on a walk, you meet another dog, the greeting may be less than appropriate, one dog gets told so, and then thats it, it’s over, lesson learnt, they don’t hold resentment they carry on as though nothing happened, their day is not ruined by a bad exchange.

Holding grudges can be a more difficult exercise for us, but needless to say if you are holding a grudge you are still thinking about a negative experience, and that will have an impact on you.

We each have our own stories and some grudges are not a simple fix, but there may be little things that we know we need to move on from, so with Christmas just round the corner, give yourself a break, and if there is something or someone, you feel you should really be letting let go of, try this 'simple' exercise.

Imagine them or the scenario in your head that is bothering you, and rather than anger feel thanks. Thank them for helping you learn from the experience, thank them for teaching you something that you would not have learnt if it had not happened, thank them for coming into your live to teach you this, then thank them for the lesson so you can now both move on.