We love Autumn, who doesn't?... It brings a glorious golden-orange landscape, crisp mornings and magnificent sunsets. Autumn is a time for feeling cosy, and the home and those around you provide the warmth and contrast from the colder evenings outside.  
Simple pleasures when curled up under a fluffy blanket and next to the warm glow of candles, bring an inner comfort and a time to relax and unwind from a busy day. 


Hygge & Hound Autumn SEASONAL BoX

There are still a few weeks before the routes you regularly walk leave Summer behind and change into Autumn. Butterflies have started to depart, and acorns are already a plenty (which although a favourite food for foraging piggies, are not ideal for our playful hounds).  Allow yourself some extra time on these walks to slow down for pleasantries with other walkers, when you meet other dogs let them stop and say "hello"; socialising for dogs at any age is wonderful, and how nice is it to see your puppy or adult dogs making friends!

Find somewhere new to walk and give yourself a landmark to aim for, stay off the phone and be there with your pup, they will love the exploring and going back and forth as if to say "I've got this", "follow me" "would you look at that!". Take time to stop and breathe in the fresh air.
This will no doubt be the very best moment for your companion, that is, until the next moment, so join them in it.

Enjoy these ‘Last of the Summer walks’ and appreciate being surrounded in the happiness of your four legged friends.