After the Christmas holidays the home gets a good clean, (although pine needles will be around for a fair while) but even if you’ve made a lot of healthy choices over Christmas, you may feel like you need to get back into balance. People have their own beliefs and processes on how to feel back in balance, but we like just add the following things into our daily routine to help with a body cleanse.

Hot water with lemon
A great way to start the day, lemons have immune boosting powers, with strong antibacterial properties they serve as a wonderful liver cleanser. Simple, clean, and brilliantly cleansing.

Healthy Snacking
Grains, nuts and seeds will make sure you are getting the right protein levels to support the livers natural cleansing process.

Focus on the Organic
Avoid being exposed to toxins by sticking to foods that are free from additives and other artificial substances.

You can help eliminate toxins with gentle exercise, luckily your beloved companion has your back on that, walking is ideal, after your walk you can also try soaking in epsom salts 20 mins is enough to help detox the body and make you feel relaxed. Make sure the water is not too hot, you need to be able to lie back and thoroughly soak in it. Pay attention to your feet, a good go of a pumice stone will help make them feel soft and supple.

Body Scrubs
Nothing feels nicer than exfoliating the dead skins cells away, a fast and effective way to feel clean and fresh. Superfood face creams are also really refreshing.