For most of us, it’s not realistic to maintain a perfect home in perfect order every moment of every day.
Too much clutter however becomes energy draining, often feeling like it’s eating up space in your home, it’s smothering, inhibiting, and worse still it can take on a life of it’s own!
Clutter spreads, it grows, before you know it, it’s taken over entire work surfaces and starting to spill out of wardrobes.

Here are some really helpful tips we’ve found which will put you back in charge of your home, and in control the clutter beast!

1) Everyone has clutter hotspots, think where yours are and be aware of them. Set yourself a goal to address one clutter hotspot a week.

2) Sort things into 4 piles, to keep, to donate, to bin, to store. Everything should have a home. Try and keep flat surfaces as clear as possible.

3) Post get into the habit of opening, recycling, or filing immediately. The empty fruit bowl is not the place for post, pens, random keys, or odd batteries :)

4) If you have clothes which haven’t been worn for a year donate them. Whilst you’re tidying the bedroom, check the drawers and under the bed, knowing you are not sleeping on clutter will feel a huge relief.

5) It’s time to go through the sock and underwear drawer. Get rid of the items you reject each day for being uncomfortable etc, and also those odd socks you are waiting for the other one to turn up but hasn’t yet!

6) Our beloved companions have their own belongings which all need a home, leads, collars, brushes, toys, treats, shampoos, medications, blankets - if you want to keep these things to hand, there are lots of storage options that fit beautifully into the home.

7) Don’t stress, play some music and time 15 minutes, and do a little each day, treat yourself afterwards with a walk in the fresh air with your hound, and congratulate yourself you are getting on top of things.

8) Relax, once you have a home for everything keeping them there is much easier, get in the habit of putting things away, and if you feel things are starting to creep out from their places again, grab a box and collect all the things that are not in their place, and go round the home putting them away in one go.