Valentines Day is no longer for just the ‘human’ love of your life, the latest report from called “The Real Power of Dog Love,” explores the loving relationship modern dog owners have with their beloved companions, and revealed nearly half of dog owners had planned a Valentines celebration in honour of their dogs.

The report was created in time for Valentines, surveying 1,450 U.S. adult dog owners who are dating or in a relationship, the results are below:



take more photos with their dog than with friends, family, or their significant other.


said they plan their weekend around their dog or plan activities that their dog can do too.


said they spend more money on their dog than their significant other.


say they gaze more often into their dogs eyes than their significant other.


said knowing someone is a dog lover would make them more interested in dating them.


say they take their dog on dates with them.

Those people who take their dogs on a date with them, said they do so because either they care that their dog and potential partner get on, or their dogs makes them feel comfortable, or they feel their dog is the best judge of character.

Well, we cant argue with any of that!