When it comes to living our lives mindfully and keeping ourselves in the present, our mobile phones can become something of the enemy.

Finding stillness and joy in quiet moments and revelling in the simple things in life can be tough when you have instant access to a digital world in your pocket which can hijack your consciousness in a second.

So this week we are bringing our attention to how we can tame the digital beast.

Each and every time you pick up your phone to do anything, bring your awareness to why and what your are doing with it.

For Example:

“I am going to find a a new dog collar for my beloved companion because it is feeling a little tight”

“I am going to check out Instagram and see what what’s happening with my favourite feeds because I have some free time, and learn something from them”

“I am going to check what the cheapest flights are to Geneva so I can plan a weekend away with Paul & Karen”

By employing this practise, it helps to us to focus on the thoughtfulness that breaks the unthinking action of grabbing our phone every time we are bored or alone (or even win an argument! - Im sure imdb is the place many of us go to win an argument!

I often wonder what our beloved companions think when we are sat on the sofa staring at a phone, Lucy our Cocker Spaniel, jumps up and uses her nose to knock the phone out of your hand so you have to rub her instead. Its hilarious, until her nose makes you accidentally hit ‘Confirm’ on something you didn’t mean to as you wrestle to not drop the phone!

Phones have a place, but by taking a moment to recognise that often we are missing out on life due peering at a little screen, rather than looking around us and appreciating the beauty that is now.