Spring is here, which for your beloved companion means a whole new host of sniffs and smells to explore!
Here’s a little exercise to enjoy at some point every day this week. It’s quick and can be done anywhere. Wherever you are, stop what you are doing and:

Notice FIVE things you can see. This can be anything but try and pick things you don’t normally notice or new to Spring, and visually inspect them.

Notice FOUR things that you can feel. Like the sun on your cheeks, or take your shoes off and feel the bumps in the ground beneath your feet, or the texture of your clothes on your skin.

Notice THREE things that you can hear. Be as still as possible and just listen to the world. I’m doing this now out in our garden, and I can hear my own hygge hound snuffling through the last of the leaves (I don’t even need to look but the speed she has legged it inside, I know she has taken a sneaky mouthful in!

Notice TWO smells. It could be the smell of freshly cut grass, the trees or flowers, or the smell of wet dog if you’ve just been out, Try to bring awareness to scents that you may not notice or (maybe more in the case of wet dog) block out.

Notice ONE taste. Maybe it’s the sweet in your mouth, or the air you are breathing.

Doing this exercise daily at different times and places will show you just how much you are experiencing even when you think not much is going on.