Anytime you find yourself waiting this week – whether you are in a queue at the shops, waiting for someone who’s late, or waiting for something to load on your computer, take this opportunity to practice mindfulness, clear your mind, treat yourself and your beloved companion.

Today be happy to wait.

Depending on where you are or how long you may be waiting here are some ideas:

  • Close your eyes and image any tension leaving your body, picture yourself in a ray of sunshine, and as the sun warms your body, stress is released.

  • Think about someone who you haven’t spoken to for a while and would like to get in touch with, decide if you will text or call, and when you will get talking.

  • Where’s your beloved companion? If they are with you at home give them a puppy massage, shoulders, legs, head gather tension just like we do.

  • If you’re at work and away from your beloved companion, image sitting with them in your favourite spot, and thank them for all the joy they have given you, when you get home they will be ecstatic to see you (or maybe they 1always are but its a nice thing to do anyway)

  • Think about who else you are grateful for, and focus on a time they made you smile.

  • We may not all be yoga experts, but even gentle stretching has benefits. stand up and:

    • Turn your head left to right 12 times

    • Gently look up and down 12 times

    • Rotate arms backwards then forwards 12 times

    • Rotate your hips clockwise/anti clockwise 12 times

    • Part your feet hip width apart, then semi squats x30

    • Rotate ankles clockwise/anticlockwise x12

  • Listen to the sounds around you, the smells, the temperature, then go inwards, how do you feel, are you holding tension anywhere, frowning, clenching your teeth or slouching? Nows the time to relax, smile, and remind yourself you are going to have a good day.