Spring Houndspace 2018


Hygge & Hound's Spring Houndspace box was our first box designed to fit through the letterbox - and I have to say it was really well received. There's just something lovely about a parcel of goodness landing with the morning post.

As always the box was loving curated to be enjoyed by human & hound.

The beautiful daffodil bandana is made by @cotswoldpooch and it was the perfect Spring pick-me-up for discerning hounds emerging from winter looking a little, shall we say....unkept (hairy!). 

The nature craft activity was designed to make the most of the spring mud- and there was certainly plenty of that! Included in the parcel was everything you'd need to carve out your very own unique stamp of your dogs paw print - so you’d forever have the print of your beloved 🐾
The wonderful @beautifuljoes treats provided the perfect ethical treat for the furry members of the family. 
Not to forget all of the hygge staples for the human of the duo - candle light, tea and sweet treat. 

September Houndspace 2017

Our September Houndspace box was all about celebrating the last of the summer foliage and sunshine and bringing you the first of our wonderful mindfulness exercises.

The box contained a delicious biscuit treat for the human of the hound combo from Honeywell Bakes (www.honeywellbakes.com) - the delicate handmade vanilla biscuit was stamped with 'hygge'; just as a reminder to you that it should be enjoyed in a quiet, cosy spot with a cuppa.

The lovely makers from Hoogly Tea (www.hooglytea.co.uk) provided us with their indulgent Baked Apple Chai Tea blend which is fabulous as a chilled iced tea or as the weather turns to autumn as a warming pick-me-up after a chilly walk.


The Natural Pet Toy Company seemed the obvious choice when it came to selecting a special treat for your pooches, they are the epitome of everything we love to celebrate: homegrown and handmade with love - their trademark stripy bone toys are plump, pretty and filled with the sweet and aromatic fragrance of aniseed (www.naturalpet-toy.co.uk).

We stumbled across Pont & Pierce and fell in love straight away. Their wonderful founder Nicky, a chef herself, is so passionate about producing natural, nutritious and delicious treats and she's exceeded herself here - made from sweet potato, pumpkin seeds, coconut flour and parsley it's a surprise they haven't become an office treat for me! However, these aren't for sharing, intended only for your four legged friends we felt these were perfect for use as a training aid or to compliment a balanced diet as a treat (www.pontandpierce.co.uk).

Neoh & Nobo, a bakehouse for dogs are wholly committed to the manta 'treat yo pup' and it's impossible not to with their scummy smelling Butternut & Vanilla Bean cookies, we tried them with our mutts and they were snaffled up - having passed the taste test with a 10/10 Neoh and Nobo treats look to be a permanent feature here at H&H (www.neohandnobo.com).

We really hope that you all took the time to light the candle from your Houndspace box and with a cuppa found a space to contemplate. All too often we get caught up in the busy of our everyday, activities become mundane routines and the things we love join the bottom of our to-do-lists. I'm here to remind you that your wellbeing, taking time out, walking your dogs, curling up on the sofa, being in nature and creating a cosy space should occupy a space ^^ right up there. So, on that note I'm about to grab my wellies and the three H&H havoc wreaking hounds for a walk in the autumn sunshine. Check out our blog for our focus on mindfulness and a sneak peak into Novembers box.

Love, Gem x       



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