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Simple things mean a lot, and we were thinking what if our Hygge & Hound boxes could be a little more customised? We would love to hear from you.
Whether you’ve already had a little box of Hygge to share with your beloved companion, or thinking it would be a lovely idea, we’d really appreciate a few moments of your time to share your thoughts.
Grab yourself a warm cup of Hoogly Tea and a biscuity treat for you and your hound, and fill out this very short survey, all information will be kept securely under our privacy policy, and one lucky human and hound will receive a free Hygge & Hound Seasonal box as a THANK YOU

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We have listened and Hygge & Hound Box For CATS is being created in time for Christmas, are there any other boxes you would like to see?
Hygge & Heartwood
Would You Like To See A Gift Box For Those People Who Do Not Own a Pet?
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Hygge & Heartwood

Continuing on the ethos of Hygge & Hound, Hygge & Heartwood is for those who want to celebrate life’s simple pleasures, seek out the beauty in nature, and create those special moments, but who do not have a four-legged friend by their side.

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